Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are we getting there? The Economic Upside of 2009

We could be in market recovery.

Doug Short - of dshort.com, Motley Fool contributor - and Steve Cassaday - President and CEO of Cassaday & Company - have chosen to share an interesting conversation with the rest of us… They are not doing so as someone trying to sell us, and so saying good things (it a great time to buy, sign here), but by established market trends and experience (see these figures, the sun will come out tomorrow).

And when these two talk, it might be a good idea for us to listen. Doug Short has been charting financial data for over 25 years. He tried convincing us to ‘store up’ for this mess back in 2007. Steve Cassaday is one of the best Financial Advisors in the country – not back when, but right now.

These guys talking RECOVERY is something to hope for heading into winter. Honest considerations that our markets are showings real signs of life, of resilience. Could we look back on these times as the initial growth period?

For the record, previous upswings far outpace the downturns.

In their example for our consideration, the four worst market drops in history are lined up at their deepest, darkest lows (current S&P low of March 9th 2009 used):

Here's to a better tomorrow, today.

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