Monday, August 10, 2009

Some recent fun in the last few weeks…

Nashville :: home sold on the first day. Crazy. Well prepared and beautiful landscaping to compliment stunning 60’ maybe 70’ foot trees in the backyard. Did we give it away? Not a chance - received the second highest price in the neighborhood, outperforming half a dozen comparable homes this year; plus the several still available (we were second only to a recently renovated version of our home).

Nashville :: we paid 20% less than the average home price (27% below the median). Compared to a neighborhood home that closed within three weeks of our purchase – that meant 1,000 square feet… for FREE (about 2.5 two car garages worth of house). Pretty good first time purchase, especially with $8,000 still to come in the mail.

Williamson County :: THE house (the one we all wanted to hang out at as kids - pool, spa, game room, amazing private setting - even a community lake, the whole nine) was just purchased for $45,000 less than anything else in the neighborhood. Love it.

Thompson Station :: home sells in 30 days thanks to homeowner’s light décor, hard work (with three kiddos no less! Wow) and intense commitment to the showing process. Getting price? About $7,000 more than identical floor plan on the same street (that recently sold).

Murfreesboro :: Short sale purchase is the lowest ‘purchase price’ and ‘price per square foot’ in this highly desirable ‘Boro neighborhood… lowest of all *16 transactions* in 2009! Top ten signs you got great deal – 16 other people paid more :-) Another pretty good first time purchase, with $8,000 in the mail.


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