Friday, September 25, 2009

Numbers Recovering :-)

Below is today’s look at our national real estate market from Calculated Risk. Keep an eye on his “Distressing Gap” …the difference between how many resale homes are sold, and how many new homes are sold. The national market can’t tell yet -because there are more foreclosures coming to test it - but we appear to be in actual, living recovery. Really.

Not yet above the waterline, but actually moving on the right direct; the proverbial bottom. See the direction of the graphs in the article below. The numbers for 2009 actually show this year is about normal for existing home turnover, but that inventory is still too high nationwide – with more shadow inventory to come.

The real question that the data can't predict:
Do you feel that values will hold in your new neighborhood?

Would you like to run the specific numbers together and find out what the numbers show?

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