Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 Offers on a $550,000 foreclosure in Brentwood, $499k Short Sale Sold, and deals to be had…

There is good reason for responsible concern in housing today with shaky unemployment / economy numbers, shadow inventories from the banks, and homes taking longer to sell for less – but the on the ground activity is still more active than the popular buzz.

People are taking advantage of the market, even with these freezing temperatures:

This Brentwood foreclosure is listed for $550,000 (just over the median home value in Brentwood Tennessee) and has five offers in less than a week. It likely sold, and ready to have its new homeowners within 30 days. Below is the market data for this STEAL

Another short sale in Brentwood is about to make a lucky homeowner (of a near custom quality residence in the Woodlands at Copperstone) very happy. Almost perfect condition, with beautiful old growth trees in the backyard.


The deals are out there, but the market is moving quickly below the water line. If you really want a steal – be ready to act NOW. Cash is king, prepared and experienced lending can be almost as good.

Are you ready and prepared to take advantage of this market before all the spring competition?

Kevin Pellatiro
Hoping to help you take advantage of the market – when you are ready.

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